Insiders: New ICR™ Calculator Proves That a Fixed Index Annuity with So Called “Moderate Returns” Can Even OUTPERFORM The S&P 500!

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Our ICR™ Calculator helped one advisor land a $350,000 sale because he could easily illustrate how a 55% participation rate, annual point-to point strategy, captures over 102% of market gains…

With No Tricks, No Gimmicks, No Riders, No Fees, No Spreads!

  • It’s not magic… it’s “mathemagic” and the power of downside protection easily illustrated!
  • Close sales with even the most skeptical prospects
  • Sell easier, faster and better than ever before – talk about these 3 letters (ICR™) and watch the resistance & objections melt away!
  • Works with cap & par rate products and 1st year bonus products!
  • 60 years of S&P 500 historical data dating back to 1957.
  • NOT shown on ANY carrier’s illustration software
  • Available ONLY through Safe Harbor Financial.

What Advisors are saying…

This calculator just helped me land a $350,000 annuity sale. It gave me a tool to beat the competition and write the case. It’s easy to use and very easy to understand. The calculator separates me from the competition and I will be using it every time I recommend an annuity. Thanks to Safe Harbor for inventing another tool that I can use in my practice. – Aaron, PA

This software has really simplified the process of explaining how index annuities work all on one page. It’s already helped me sell $500,000 of fixed index annuities and has become my #1 go to tool! – Jack, PA

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