In this episode, Mark Mrky and Rob Haynie sit down with John McWilliams, the President of Colorado Brokerage Group, LLC. They talk about the importance of awareness and education agents and advisors need when presenting life settlements to their clients and ways they can better communicate these options.

Additionally, they touch on the carrier-enhanced cash surrender option many insurance companies are offering to their clients and what this process is all about.

During this must listen to podcast episode, you’ll learn:

  • The two reasons the life settlement industry is not commonly presented as an option to clients
  • Life settlements education for advisors and the correct way they should view it
  • The tax implications of settling a life insurance policy
  • The carrier-enhanced cash surrender option and the potential regulatory and ethical issues associated with this practice
  • The importance of continuous education and awareness to help advisors and consumers understand the benefits of life settlements, which may not always work but can be a valuable option for clients in specific situations
  • And more

Don’t hesitate to discuss life settlements with your clients because you don’t truly understand the process and the potential benefits life settlements brings to both parties?

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