An agent made a random courteously call to his client and learned about the difficulties he was having paying for his home, life insurance policy and other bills. Lucky for the client the agent asked a few questions and found out that the client was a great candidate for a Life Settlement. Long story short, the client sold their policy and now has the money necessary to pay his bills and live much more comfortably. This solution helped the client and the agent put $29,000 into their bank account.

During the podcast you’ll hear from life settlement experts Rob Haynie and Mark Mrky discuss:

  • How the life settlement industry is a win-win solution for agents and their clients
  • The ins and outs of the life settlement industry
  • Reasons people sell their life insurance policy
  • How many seniors surrender their life insurance policies back to the carrier or let them lapse
  • The importance of getting your life insurance appraised
  • Who is buying life insurance policies

It’s more important than ever that you understand that life settlements can be a powerful sales tool that pays you very well and opens the door to additional product sales.

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