There is no secret that many niche markets provide extremely qualified prospects, why?

Each niche market delivers prospects where the best end solution is for them to invest into an annuity or purchase a life policy.

College Planning is a niche market that offers agents the ability to work with High-Net-Worth Prospects who need help with the second largest expense that many will face. The solution for most to qualify for financial aid is allocating their savings and other forms of savings into an annuity or life policy.

Take advantage of our new niche market lead program that includes:

  • 4,000+ exclusive High-Net-Worth leads.
  • Face-to-face territory
  • National virtual leads
  • Very high close rates
  • Booked appointments

Some say a “lead is a lead” and that’s true, but these niche market college planning leads provide an unfair advantage as the end solution is your life and annuity products. Call (888)319-1081 for more information and to secure your leads territory.

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