Starting an Annuity Conversation

(Do You Have Any Lazy Money?)

When does it start? Where and what subject(s) got you together with your client/prospect? Meeting a new prospect/client can be met with some trepidation, especially since you want to speak about annuities with the possibility of successfully meeting their retirement goals. And Annuities may not be the final answer!

You don’t know and neither do your clients/prospects until a conversation starts and continues to solve the stated result.

It all depends on the depth of your relationship with a client of course, i.e., just met this person as a referral, a person as a networking function handshake, a health or life client for many years and or friend or family. The most fun!

Please don’t come up with ten best opening lines. Everybody can smell it coming and what good intelligent people want is conversation, not a sales pitch. Don’t sell! Listen. But, here’s some fun ones to put into your conversation that I’ve heard from top producers selling health, DI, LTC, etc. and without leaving and putting together another appointment, they say this IN PART OF a conversation, not an opening line.

“Hey, by the way, do you have any lazy money?”

“Are you somewhat concerned about another marker correction?”

“Do you still have all or most of your savings/investments in the market place?”

“How do you feel about 2002 and 2009?”

“Most folks in retirement are concerned about running out of income, how have you protected yourself about this?”

These simple pieces of a conversation and not opening statements will make your client/prospect respond with either a question for clarity, a statement that all things are good, a statement with all things are all right, but can you explain what do you mean…..??? Relax and listen, then inject a few comments (if appropriate) by sensing the direction you can move the conversation.

The purpose of these “comments” is to get further reactions from your clients/prospects in seeking solutions to a future concern that you can provide!

TWH Agency is geared to help on a one on one conversation WITH YOU the broker in helping your clients with retirement Annuity planning, LTC and Life Insurance.

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