Successful Sales Formula to Selling Cash Value Life Insurance without Having to Really Sell It!

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Sales Formula


Join Jeremy Nason, RFC as he reveals his secret to selling tons of whole life, IUL or any other cash value life program.

This strategy has been taught by the IPS team for over 30+ years; it worked then and works even better today!

You will learn:

  • Jeremy’s successful sales formula.
  • The sale is never about the product!
  • The Keep it Simple presentation, End with the Close… “which one makes more sense to you?”

“IPS helped me raise my average case size from $620 to $3500AP in a matter of months. I started with them 14 years ago and still recommend them today. They literally changed my life and I am sure they helped me change my clients lives as well. They are hands down the best training in the industry” – Antonio Fillippone, RFC

“I wish every agency and professional association would use your systems. While they are far from basic they do remind me how vital the basics are to my business and our industry. They reinforce the fact that questions, not products, help people to see you as an expert. The first time I used your two-page presentation template I closed a 12K commission term conversion. After reviewing it the client literally said, let’s go with the second option that you proposed. That’s it! There was no closing, no cajoling and no begging. All the work was done during the first meeting. Thanks for all your help and coaching and please know that I appreciate your commitment to our industry.” – Brandon Green, ChFC, CLU, CAS, CLTC, FSS, LUTCF

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