Tele-conference Call

I look forward to our conference call at 4:30 ET so we can fill you in about our Federal FIA Webinar lead program and the Federal FIA Online Annuity Calculator that turns those Webinar leads into annuity sales.

The call in number for the conference call is 202-800-9984. The Participant Code is 190359. Please don’t be late as we will shut down the conference bridge at 3:01 sharp. Also, this call will do you no good if you are not in front of PC, Laptop or Tablet to view the FIA Calculator functionality.

Keep in mind that we are not an IMO; we are a Database/Lead company, so where you place your annuity business is none of our business!

Please go to before the call and we will tell you the calculator passcode at that time. We change it regularly for security purposes.

If you are not currently participating in the federal market, don’t be concerned, as we have tremendous resources and hands-on support at your disposal.

The PowerPoint we use during these Webinars that generate the FIA leads can be found here: I would suggest you print it out and read it so you can see our methodology.

If you have any questions during the conference call, you can text them to me at 423-290-4000. If you have interest in our program after the call, you can shoot me an email: and let me know what states you are open to accepting your lead.

Yes, we do charge for the leads, but not for anything else!


Vincent J Bono