Nationwide’s Peak® 10 Bonus Income+ rider just got more attractive with its highest Income yet thus providing your clients with even more guaranteed retirement income.

Effective December 11, 2023, Nationwide is boosting lifetime withdrawal percentages on the Bonus Income+ rider for the Nationwide Peak® 10 fixed indexed annuity.

This optional rider gives your clients:

  • 20% initial bonus
  • 8% simple interest roll-up
  • Even more competitive guaranteed lifetime income

Contracts issued on or after December 11, 2023 will receive the increased lifetime withdrawal percentages.

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Any contracts at Nationwide and signed prior to the December 11 effective date but issue on or after December 11, 2023, will receive the increased lifetime withdrawal percentages upon issuance.


To receive the increased lifetime withdrawal percentages, issued contracts still within the free-look window will need to exercise the free-look provision. At a minimum, this process will require a new application, free-look letter of instruction and updated Certificate of Disclosure, all of which should reflect a signature date of December 11, 2023 or later. Please also check with your IMO on its free-look requirements.

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