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The Beneficiary Liquidity Plan® pays out a death benefit in 24-48 hours without a death certificate.

The Beneficiary Liquidity Plan® ensures your clients’ families have the financial stability they need during life’s most challenging moments.

  • Timely Fund Access: Learn how families can gain full access to funds in just days, not months, safeguarding them against unforeseen financial challenges.
  • The Power of the Beneficiary Liquidity Plan®: Dive deep into how a single premium whole life insurance policy can ensure families are not left in the lurch during trying times.
  • The BLP Advantage: Understand how partnering with Beneficiary Liquidity Plan, who work directly with funeral homes across the nation, accelerates the claims process

Key Highlights:

  • The challenges families face while accessing set-aside funds.
  • Detailed breakdown of the Beneficiary Liquidity Plan® and its benefits.
  • Real-world examples and scenarios where the plan proves invaluable.

Beneficiary Liquidity Plan® Fast Facts:

Without the Beneficiary Liquidity Plan®:

  • Families might wait for up to 90 days or more to access funds.

With the Beneficiary Liquidity Plan®:

  • Electronic claims filed can have full policy benefits paid out in as little as 24-48 hours.

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